.doc-ify: to make into a Microsoft Word document

incerpt: the opposite of an excerpt

outsert: the opposite of an insert. Instructions written on the outside of a container

bytelock: a slowdown in Internet transmission due to an excess of information all passing through at once

is not violative of: does not violate (passive)

equivalates: is equivalent to (active)

gerundiciple: might be a gerund, might be a participle

proctosculation: ass-kissing

geekocracy: rule by geeks

franticulate: to gesticulate frantically

franco-yiddish: exhibiting both panache and chutzpah

monotheopoly: having sole control of a monotheistic religion

boxen: more than one box

rectumlocution: talking out one's ass

obnoxed: having been the recipient of someone else's obnoxia (see obnoxia)

obnoxia: (pronounced "obnausea") Outward expression of obnoxiousness